November 20, 2023 News & Events

Today marked a significant milestone as we came together for a crucial conference ‘Children in Danger’ addressing the safety and well-being of children in Lebanon.

The discussions were insightful, highlighting the challenges they face and exploring solutions to ensure a safer future for the younger generation. Grateful for the passionate speakers, dedicated attendees, and organizations committed to making a positive impact. Let’s continue working collaboratively to create a secure environment where every child can thrive.


August 24, 2023 News & Events

We are extremely grateful to have so many people believe in our cause and for all the individual fundraising projects that were organized in support of ASSAMEH Birth and Beyond.

Personal projects, fundraising, sales proceeds, initiatives of all kinds took place all over the world in hopes of rebuilding what was lost.

  • Azar Jewelry created a unique piece and all sales profits were donated to support the reconstruction of the pediatric ward
  • A painting exhibition was held in collaboration with Father Majdi Allawi under the title “Koumi ya Beirut”
  • An art auction was held for Assameh #BeirutArtBeats
  • Alexandra Rafie sold “Beirut my Love” t-shirts and profits went fully to ASSAMEH Birth and Beyond
  • Raymonde Ayoub organized an online scrabble tournament withe proceeds donated to ASSAMEH Birth and Beyond
  • All the proceeds of Cocodecabeza for the month of September were donated to ASSAMEH Birth and Beyond
  • Tania Hadjithomas Mehanna donated the proceeds of her book Beyrouth by day to ASSAMEH Birth and Beyond
  • Ghinwa Choueiter started a GOFundMe campaign and was able to raise 40,000 USD


August 24, 2023 News & Events

As a public institution, ASSAMEH Birth and Beyond cannot directly hire new employees. With the growing number of cases and the current state ban on new hires, we were in great need of support.

The Makhzoumi Foundation’s mission is to mobilize resources, build partnerships and develop the capacities of our community in Lebanon.

With that in mind, they came to us with an ideal that was perfectly in line with their mission and supported us in achieving ours. They hired 5 full time nurses to work at the hospital and they handled  salaries, NSSF and all  other employee requirements.


August 24, 2023 News & Events

As the only existing entity that operates as both a non-governmental organization and a governmental hospital, ASSAMEH Birth and Beyond presents a very interesting case study for management students. With that in mind and with great pride, a course on the topic is being offered to students at ESA and McGill University in Montreal.

The course was prepared in collaboration between Dr. Sacy and the respective universities and Dr. Sacy even held a conference to address the students directly and share more details on the day to day operation process, challenges and achievements.

As part of the curriculum, the students were asked to develop their thesis on the topic and present their cases which were later published.


August 24, 2023 News & Events

In January 2019, Pf. Robert Sacy and Mr. Aboud Chami from ASSAMEH Birth and Beyond had an official visit with Mr. Jamil Itani, President of The Beirut Municipal Council.

Other representatives present during the visit were:  Dr. Michel Matar, President of the Government Hospital’s board of directors; Mrs. Karen Saliba, CEO of the hospital; as well as Mr. Gaby Fernaine, member of the Municipal Council.

The purpose of the visit was to thank the municipality for its generous contribution that helped ASSAMEH Birth and Beyond purchase a CT Scan worth $150,000. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank CMA CGM who donated $25,000 for this acquisition.

This advanced and state of the art machine allowed The Carlos Slim Center for Children to run quick and efficient diagnostics and further their mission of saving lives.


August 24, 2023 News & Events

Many children who tested positive to COVID-19 in Europe and the United states are presenting symptoms of the Kawasaki-like illness. The main common symptoms that have been identified are prolonged fever, predominant digestive troubles, and signs of cardiac unrest. Some children have displayed other symptoms such as skin eruption.

What is the association between Kawasaki-like illness and COVID-19?

While the nasopharyngeal swab results for COVID-19 were negative, serology for COVID-19 was positive. Is this a false negative you may ask?

Studies have proved that 90% of children presenting Kawasaki-like symptoms had in fact received a positive serology for COVID-19 confirming they had developed an immunology response to the virus weeks before being tested.

Rest assured, this is a rare occurrence. According to the Lebanese Ministry of Health, 3.15% of the infections in Lebanon are younger than 10 years old and 8.19% are in the range of 10 to 19 years old.

When a child presents the Kawasaki-like symptoms the treatment is focused on reducing the blood vessels inflammation. An immunoglobulin or Ig polyvalenre (IVIg) injection is provided to regulate the immune response and reduce the inflammation.

This treatment is reducing the rate of complications up to 5%, especially the risk of developing coronary aneurysm. Some other treatments are considered, such as aspirin and corticoids can be prescribed to reduce the inflammation.

It is important to note that most children recover very quickly, and the cardiac unrest is resolved within 2 to 3 days.


November 18, 2019 News & Events

In june 2019, the third edition of our annual Bal du Cèdre took place in front of the National Museum of Beirut. We welcomed over five hundred guests, amongst which personalities from the Lebanese political, cultural and economic worlds.

Several entertainment shows were scheduled throughout the night, such as a performance from the Ballet Bejart, musical interventions from The Charbels and pianist Omar Rahbani. During this edition, a “Tribute to Women” was made and several key players in the welfare of children in Lebanon were honored: He. Mmes. Mona Hraoui, and Laila El Solh, Dr. Geneviève Begkoyian, and Mmes. Lama Salam, Mireille Girard, Viviane Debbas, Nadine Mokdessi, Tonia Chaoui, Marleine Eid and Karen Saliba.

once again we were extremely thankful for the support of the attendees and their generous donations that play a major role in the continuation of our mission,

It is worth noting that the “Bal du Cèdre” has one objective : to raise funds for the development of the Beirut Government University Hospital – Karantina’s neo-natal and pediatric section; which provides top quality service to all premature babies and sick children in need, with no discrimination whatsoever


August 24, 2019 News & Events
  • The first lady, Mrs Nadia Aoun, honored us by visiting the pediatric center and offered her support and patronage of the Bal du Cèdre.
  • Claudine Aoun Roukoz, the President of the National Commission for Lebanese Women, participated in the ASSAMEH Birth and Beyond Christmas party with all the employees, t nurses and the doctors of the hospital.
  • An official French delegation visited the center with the aim of increasing relations between France and Lebanese NGO’s. The delegation included: M. Thiery Mariani, former French Minister and Deputy of the French Abroad , Dr Nicolas Dhuick , Deputy of Les Républicains de l’Aube, and Mr. Benjamin Blanchard , General Director of SOS Chrétiens d’Orient.
  • In December 2018, H.E. Mr. Ghassan Hasbani visited the Government Hospital, along with H.E. Mr. Michel Pharaon and deputies from Beirut : Mr. Nadim Gemayel, Mr. Nicolas Sehnaoui, Mr. Antoine Pano, Mrs. Paulette Yacoubian and Mr. Harout Telzian. After touring the pediatric ward, they inspected the new hospital’s site.
    A reception was then held in honor of the guests. congratulating ASSAMEH – Birth and Beyond on their success, speeches were given by Dr. Michel Matar , president of the Government Hospital’s board of directors as well as H.E. Mr. Ghassan Hasbani.
  • On Mother’s Day, Bassoul Heneine and BMW, distributed gifts to the mothers of children hospitalized as part of their humanitarian activities.
  • Representatives of various Lebanese Rotary Club joined forces to contribute to the purchase of needed medical equipment. The clubs included The Rotary Club of Beirut, represented by Toufic Ariss, The Rotary Club of Sahel el Metn represented by Samir Constantin and  The Cosmos Rotary Club represented by Mrs Lina Hamdane.
  • In February 2019, thanks to Min Albi’s team and the St Joseph Antoura’s scouts, the children who were about to undergo surgery had fun driving around with mini electric cars. They replaced the stretcher trolleys for a day, and were surrounded by Dr. Michel Matar, President of the Government Hospital’s board of directors, Mrs. Karen Saliba, CEO of the hospital and Pr. Robert Sacy, Founder of Assameh–Birth & Beyond. Santa Clause and a clown also gave gifts to the kids and everyone enjoyed a delicious cake.


August 24, 2018 News & Events

For the second year in a row, ASSAMEH – Birth & Beyond led by Professor Robert Sacy and his team of volunteers, hosted a magnificent “Bal du Cèdre” on September 18, 2018 at the Grand Sérail in Beirut, under the high patronage of Prime Minister Mr. Saad Hariri.

This second edition was marked with touching speeches by PM Mr. Saad Hariri, Pr. Robert Sacy, and Mr. Aboud Shami as well as exceptional entertainment. After a welcome drink held at the “Thermes Romains”, Miss Tania Kassis sang again an amazing a-capella National Anthem; a Lebanese Dabké took all attendees back to their roots; “The Charbels” interpreted touching renowned songs with their lovely voices; and Mr. Alessandro Ristori and the Portofinos were the highlight of the show, mixing the 50’s American rock style and the 60’s Italian Dolce Vita melodies and making all women dance on stage ! DJ Guy was also here to play music that everyone loves.

The dinner was delicious, the sponsors were numerous and generous, and once again, there were many tombola winners.

It is worth noting that the “Bal du Cèdre” has one objective : to raise funds for the development of the Beirut Government University Hospital – Karantina’s neo-natal and pediatric section; which provides top quality service to all premature babies and sick children in need, with no discrimination whatsoever


October 25, 2017 News & Events

In a magical setting of firewalls and giant balloons flying in Beiteddine’s sky, the 1st edition of the “Bal du Cèdre” took place on August 19, 2017. ASSAMEH – Birth & Beyond hosted an impeccable event under the high patronage of First Lady Mrs. Nadia Aoun, surrounded by several political figures, top business leaders, Lebanese jet setters, and generous donors and friends who supported the NGO since its creation.

Professor Robert Sacy, founder of ASSAMEH – Birth & Beyond touched many souls with his welcome speech. The night was full of rich and varied entertainment, presented by MC Mr. Ricardo Karam. The event included a lineup of successful artists who were happy to support the noble cause of saving sick children’s lives.

A band of guitarists started the show during the welcome drink, setting the mood for a warm ambiance. It was succeeded by Miss Tania Kassis who sang an emotional A Capella Lebanese National Anthem. Then it was Mr. Arthur Murray’s performers’ turn, wearing LED costumes and dancing wonderful waltzes and tangos. Mrs. Eliane Saadeh, Mr. Johnny Aouad and Mr. Teddy Nasr amazed everyone with their beautiful opera voices, and were followed by French guests Mr. Patrick Zian and Mr. Bernard Sauvat, singing from the bottom of their heart for the NGO. Throughout the evening  DJ Guy made sure he was constantly entertaining the attendees with his perfect hits.

Finally, the delicious dinner ended with a generous tombola, offering prizes of significant value.

It is worth noting that the “Bal du Cèdre” has one objective : to raise funds for the development of the Beirut Government University Hospital – Karantina’s neo-natal and pediatric section; which provides top quality service to all premature babies and sick children in need, with no discrimination whatsoever.

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