The Ambassadors and Guardian Angels

Who are the ambassadors and guardian angels?

They are the benefactors who are constantly supporting ASSAMEH Birth and Beyond to provide the medical care and improve the services at the hospital.

The Guardian Angels

When you become a guardian angel of ASSAMEH B&B you belong to the great family of donors and contribute to the funding of all our projects.
The great generosity of these protectors enables us to realize our ambitions and help more and more children through our patient fund.

The Ambassadors

The ambassadors are in charge of promoting the association to raise awareness and motivate potential donors. Through their contacts and social networks, ambassadors help supporting our cause and gain the trust of future donors.

We thank all our generous benefactors, we appreciate all donations whatever the amount.
Your can contact us to help us spread the word about ASSAMEH B&B and become either an ambassador or a guardian angel.
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