Rebuilding what was lost

August 4, 2020

Perhaps our biggest achievement since establishing ASSAMEH Birth and Beyond and setting up the Quarantina Hospital, was rebuilding what was lost after August 4, 2020.

The explosion devastated the city and destroyed our premises, but we did not let it affect our spirit and commitment to our mission. Our perseverance and the support of our donors gave us the push we needed to get the center up and running again.

Through the generous support of the Swiss Government, we were able to redesign and build the new center and it was fully equipped by ASSAMEH Birth and Beyond through generous donations. Not only that, but in less than three weeks a temporary neonatal intensive care unit was established followed by units for pediatrics.

Through the charitable contributions we received, we were able to salvage the damaged equipment and purchase new machines and supplies that helped us advance our offerings and better service our patients.

The renovation plan began to roll out just weeks following the explosion, with every phase allowing us to open our doors and cater to a certain number of cases.  The complete project was finalized by April 2021 with a new optimized design including: an admissions area, an ER with 2 beds, an operating room, an ICU with 15 incubators, a main area with 12 full-stay beds; in addition to a restring room for doctors and a facilities area. The blast shook us on many levels, but it also reassured us of the importance of our cause. We hope we are never forced to close our doors again!

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