Hope rises from ruins!

August 1, 2020

The Quarantina Hospital was completely abandoned following the Lebanese Civil War. Having endured a fair share of destruction, the premises resembled anything but a hospital, and silence echoed through the empty halls.

The first mission of ASSAMEH Birth and Beyond was to take over this deserted premises and convert it into a first-class government medical center.

Within simply a few months the transformation was astonishing; an entire floor was up and running, treating newborns and premature babies.

Through the continuous dedication and perseverance of the team, the hospital is now known as The Carlos Slim Center for Children and is the only government university hospital in Central Beirut.

Fitted with the most advanced medical equipment, the center is run by a top-notch medical team made up of a team of pediatricians and specialists, pediatric nurses, and rotating residents from leading private hospitals across Lebanon.

Hope now fills the halls. Where there was darkness the cries of joy and happiness bring light to every corner.

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