Prof. Robert Sacy

For the past 40 years, as a professor of Pediatrics & Neonatology, I have had the pleasure of working across various private hospitals in Lebanon and heading the Pediatric departments in St. Georges Hospital and Trad Hospital. However, the position that is dearest to my heart is being the Head of the Pediatric program at The Carlos Slim Center for Children.

With the strong belief that all children deserve access to medical treatment and support, I needed to step outside the rules and regulations of private hospitals.

Thus came the initiation of ASSAMEH Birth and Beyond with the mission of rehabilitating and managing pediatric wards in governmental hospitals.

It was my calling, a raison d’être, a dream that was transformed into reality.  At ASSAMEH Birth and Beyond our doors are open to all cases regardless of nationality, financial status, or any other factors.

It is indeed a true blessing to be able to bring hope to families and give their children a second chance.

Every life saved, every smile, every sparkle in their eyes, every step they take forward is my biggest reward. When you have something as precious as the life of a child in your hands you realize it is your duty to preserve it at all costs.

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